Biometric Solution

Biometric identification is the use of automated processes to recognize a person based on behavioral and physiological characteristics. Our Biometric identifier is secured, convenient and affordable.The real-world results prove that biometric solution products are easy to use, robust and cost effective. It has features that can currently be measured and includes, fingerprint, faces, irises, retinas and voice. We can develop a system that is tailored to your business needs.  Biometric Technology is for large and small businesses.

With Biometric solution you can achieve the following:

  • Eliminate ID Cards
  • Increase customer activity
  • Prevent unauthorized use or access
  • Fingerprint, Palm, Facial, Voice and more

Our system has the following features:

  • Employee attendance logging using a combination of smartcard and fingerprint.
  • Administrator log in to view data but not to change it.
  • Reports by employee groups, class, absentees, etc. to aid in management decisions
  • Duty Roster.
  • Management of absentees, employee leave and overtime.
Time & Attendance Web Service

TAMS Web Service allows organizations to centrally monitor the attendance of their employees at multiple (remote) locations from anywhere in the world (online). With easy setup and rapid implementation, you avoid the expense of maintaining network infrastructure and have more time to focus on your core business.

A biometric device is installed at your designated location connected to a dedicated server powered via 3G/GPRS technology. The device can also be connected to the TAMS Server via your local internet connection. It uploads user data and clocks real time to the server and the reports can be accessed from anywhere in the world (online).

It is also integrated with attendance alert that triggers SMS alert to employees of your company before “clock-in”, at “clock-in” and before “clock-out”. It is also integrated with payroll/job costing system, administrator login privilege (username and password), leave and attendance exemptions management.

Features of TAMS Web Service:

  • Nothing to install on PC – simple hardware setup
  • Secure data storage, accessible 24/7/365
  • Management of report anytime, anywhere
  • Employee bio-data management platform
  • Numerous built-in standard reports e.g. attendance, lateness, absent, exemption, etc.
  • Less time spent reviewing and approving exemption
  • Flexible options with pay categories – payroll and job costing
  • Support for an unlimited number of employees
  • Economical and environmentally-friendly solution
  • Nominal startup costs.