NigeriaNet’ major expertise is the area of Ecommerce domain. Our team stresses on interactive, extremely practical, custom-made solution development for squares, billing structures, imbursement dispensation and web stores. We are familiar in constructing solutions for a range of product categories: customer goods, downloadable content and media delivery, foodstuff order, professional services, client care and others.

NigeriaNet understands that each website wants a residence to live and be regained from (when someone visits your site). The web server or holding account is the home-base for your website, or ecommerce website, MySQL and MSSQL databases and programming, pictures, files, and email to be located in. It assists both you and your website guests. NigeriaNet proposes comprehensive, safe website hosting, computer-generated dedication, committed server hosting, protected certificates, anti-spam tools, email addresses, and auto-responders that wholly labour round the clock to make the most of opportunity for your virtual business.

After developing its industry understanding and expertise skills over a decade in web development, NigeriaNet has converted into a fully-qualified merchant capable of executing the utmost thought-provoking ecommerce projects.

  • NigeriaNet proposes RIA development and exploits technologies such as Ajax, Java FX, Flex and Silver light to provide transmittable and biological interactivity.
  • With client’s commercial growth and scalability necessities in observance NigeriaNet proposes solutions (including SOA-based ones) that could be straightforwardly protracted and combined with other software.
  • NigeriaNet retains things as modest and transparent as probable, plans the future scheme stress-free to cope and upkeep and focuses on vibrant business necessities and environmental factors.

On-the-fly Updates

Accumulation of fresh features on demand, implanting novel functionality or promoting visual scheme will not distract your online profession. NigeriaNet uses best-practice software architecture style and methods to permit the ecommerce solution to cultivate efficiently and swell both vertically and horizontally.


Ecommerce software always requires high scalability to support the growing number of visitors, user accounts, catalogue records and transactions. NigeriaNet has wide-ranging practice in multi-tier application development and expansion and database modeling / optimization that produce outstanding scalability outcomes.


NigeriaNet delivers integration facilities for ecommerce solutions, comprising expansion of configurable integration modules which link web forward end to the supply chain management process:

  • CRM systems
  • Corporate accounting systems
  • Logistics management systems
  • Warehouse management software
  • Payment gateways