Education Management Information System

Our unique Education Management Information System (EMIS) provides systematic, quality data in a well-structured enabling environment that facilitates utilization of the information produced in planning and policy dialogue. NigeriaNet-Education Management Information Systems (NNET-EMIS) aims to help countries, states, schools improve data collection, data and system management, and data use in decision making, thereby improving different elements of the education system and contributing to the end goal of improving learning for all children and youth.

NigeriaNet brings to you our technology on Education Management & Information System (EMIS) for Primary,Junior &Senior Secondary Schools and Universities (Private & Public Schools) Our system is flexible and a unique one that captures Student profile and biometric data,Teacher EMIS Profile,Parents EMIS profile and also has input from the government and general public.

The Educational system today is faced with several challenges which includes, decline in standard, deterioration of facilities, examination malpractices, mass promotion syndrome and unqualified teachers in the system monitoring of teachers attendance, truancy of students during school hours as a result of poor supervision from the teachers, elimination of student’s reading culture which is caused by lack of attention paid towards the school library, also parents have neglected the parent/student/teacher relationship which serves as a follow up and monitoring technique of their children. Every parent ought to have access to a general profile page listing contact details, the child’s class schedule is made available to parents via the scheduling module, it provides in details; subjects being taken and at what periods, days of the week (for each subject) and location, grade level, attendance, school activities for the term/session and overall performance of the child.

These problems have continuously hindered the improvement in the educational sector of the state and country in general.
We aim at developing basic education and its objectives in a consistent way by taking into consideration the present strengths of basic education and development needs for the future.

Looking at how the world is changing and the effects this will have on the learning process, what children should learn and how they work at school, the system also directly addresses the issue of lags in student achievement, reach every student regardless of his/her personal circumstances.

Benefits of Our Education-Portal

  • School Setup – school administration information & school finder.
  • Students/Users Set up.
  • Scheduling
  • Student grade level
  • School’s attendance code
  • Eligibility
  • Report & Transcript provision.
  • Recruitment Process of Teachers
  • Training/ Skills update for Teachers
  • Teachers Attendance
  • Teachers/Lecturers Review
  • Inventory and curriculum descriptions, update and policy document, basic standard guidelines.
  • E-Library system
One way to measure efficient Education Management Information System (EMIS) is the extent to which returns from school censuses and surveys are accurate, timely and up-to-date. This is important for any country, state, proprietor in terms of proper allocation of per-capita funding to schools, effective monitoring of learner enrolments and attendance, addressing emerging institutional issues.

Key Features of our Education Portal;

  • Portal Software Development
  • Design & Development
  • WebHosting & Portal Deployment
  • Domain Name Registration -Implementation of Portal, Database & Webserver Security
  • Users/ Staff Training – Data Capturing
  • Document & Picture Scanning