Waste Management Backoffice:

NigeriaNet provide Waste Management Billing Consultancy services for clients (private sector and public sector). we deliver these results while liberating your resources to focus on your core business priorities.

NigeriaNet provide a complete expense management solution for multi-site organizations within and outside Nigeria.

NigeriaNet leverages its dedicated expertise to ensure sustainable, accurate cost savings. Waste service invoices are typified by vague service descriptions and service charges, rendering most waste customers unable to verify true invoice accuracy. NigeriaNet addresses this issue through its precise invoice auditing technology that confirms data accuracy, payment accuracy and contractual compliance on every waste service invoice. We completely manage enumerated data entry and the recovery of billing error credits, payment liberating your staff for core priorities.

NigeriaNet also provides one-stop, real-time client support resources as part of its closed-looped waste management services. Client corporate contacts enjoy a dedicated Project Team Lead and client sites have numbers to call for all of their waste service requests, printing of invoices, payment reports, customers’ updates questions and waste issues resolution. In addition to saving your staff time, NigeriaNet client support provides control and prompt service for temporary service needs and expert evaluation of service issues to protect your costs with service adjustments.

When NigeriaNet becomes your waste management billing consultant, we take accountability to produce savings through continuous management of your waste program. We use a lifecycle process to achieve continuous results and maintain ongoing control.

NigeriaNet provides line-item auditing of your service invoices to catch illegitimate, “across the board” hidden charges, data entry errors, price increases.

Report – Our reporting delivers high level of transparency and detail. As most clients are aware, waste hauling company invoices are short on detail. Using our knowledge of the industry and by getting information from you, your waste hauling contracts, and your monthly invoices, you can be sure of accurate, clearly organized picture of your:

Total number of facilities you are servicing on daily/monthly basis

  • Expected income on monthly basis
  • Waste volume and characterization
  • Itemized service costs, such as variable diesel charges, fees and equipment costs, base service charges
  • Human resources management.
  • Data accuracy is a key factor as we distill information and critically analyze your data to better understand your needs and outline the areas for improvement.
  • Each Month a new set of invoices are generated, service volume fluctuates and facilities are added. This means that the analysis begins again as we target continuous improvement.

NigeriaNet is not a waste hauler. We manage waste hauling administrative and billing services for our clients and, in the process, develop effective working relationships with the nation’s best providers. We become intimately aware of each Waste Manager’s performance levels and each market’s rates. The best-in-breed service providers appreciate us, because we understand their business – including their cost structure and billing systems. We work with these companies to achieve their most competitive healthy pricing and grow their service base density to improve their operational cost efficiencies.

For more information about NigeriaNet Waste Management Billing Consulting Services, call us at +2348056097978,07055774297,08117342430 or contact us online.

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