Hotel Management System (Hotel Master)

Experience our Hotel Management System with centralize operations and easy group management.

Our HotelMaster is a web implementation of Hotel Inventory Management system. This web application is designed to handle the activities of as many hotels as possible. The activities of the user is categorize into user privileges/Modules.

You can draw up your own Reservation Chart as a grid that displays up-to-the -minute status. With our HotelMaster you can draw bookings on it directly, or update them with simple point & click controls. HotelMaster offers quick operations using right click. Complex tasks and workflows like room change, upgrade and payment can simply be done with right click, and drag and drop. Our system makes it easy for you to carry out even the most complex hotel operation tasks.

We have different Modules in Hotelmaster which can be handled by different users according to
their privileges ……
Some of our Modules are;

  • Hotel Setup Administration
  • User Administration
  • Guest Profile Administration
  • Travel Agent Administration
  • Rate Administration
  • Hotel Room Setup and Administration
  • Hotel Reservation processing
  • Booking/Check In process management
  • Hall/Event Management Setup and Administration
  • Food/Beverages Management Setup and Administration
  • Billing/Invoice Administration
  • Report Setup and Administration