Software Development

We provides flexible and secure software solution. Our software teams help our customers build customized software – everything from web to desktop to enterprise to mobile and beyond. We have been building software for various industries since 2000. We have worked with many technology platforms. Read more

Waste MB

NigeriaNet is a leading provider of solutions for the waste management and environmental industries. Waste Management & Billing is used to manage approximately one million municipal, commercial and industrial waste units for recycling, waste collector and facility operators. Read more

Biometric Portal

We have successfully integrated and installed cutting-edge biometric security devices such as fingerprint readers, retinal eye scanners and hand geometry readers. Our Frontier software seamlessly integrates with a wide variety of biometric devices for complete access control within your facilities. Read more

Website & IT Consulting

At NigeriaNet, we understand your business needs and its requirements. We strive to make it more proficient, secure, smart, accountable, innovative and sustainable to the future. Read more